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What I Ate Wednesday 7/11/2012

July 11, 2012


What did I eat today? Well, I had oatmeal with half a banana and blueberries to start. Added the blueberries later in the game so they didn’t turn everything purple. I wasn’t in the mood for weird coloured oatmeal.


Today was pretty busy but I wasn’t feeling a salad. I was actually having a bit of regret not bringing my lunch. So I ventured out to the food trucks and stood in a really long line for Curry Up Now. The hella vegan burrito is tasty but really damn heavy. I ate half and then that peach in the background. I just wasn’t in the mood to snooze at my desk, I had to lead a few meetings this afternoon. PS: that’s my new Dior polish, isn’t it super cute?


I made homemade z-bars which were kind of a bitch to make and I have to write about them. They taste okay but honestly chemistry changes when you add protein powder to stuff. This bar had probably 16g of protein though, so it worked before working out. Don’t know why I’m all protein loading before working out now, but it works for me. I ate it in the living room hence the dark photo. We live in a cave. Bad for blogging.


When I got home a bit ago from kettlebells I really wanted greens. I sauteed some kale (okay, a full bunch) in garlic olive oil and some braggs. Added some sweet cherry tomatoes until they started to get wilty. So very good. I wish I had some rice or something to soak up the juice from this. So very tasty.


And now I’m munching on a few grapes for dessert. Guess I got in my 5 fruits/veggies and even ate a junky burrito. Note to self: start bringing lunch to work more often.

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