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Who was up for a little bit of culty veggie food after running some errands in San Jose? Me! The husband is a good sport and took me out to the Vegetarian House. It was really hot today and I was kind of bummed they didn’t have A/C. Oh well, they had a full menu of food I could choose from, so it kind of made up for it.


When you came in the door they had a table of chocolate. They had local chocolate from Sjaaks that I wrote about before but didn’t look at the prices or anything since we were seated right away.


Honestly, I really wanted a salad. How dorky is that? So I ordered a salad to share as an appetizer. I got the Heavenly Salad and it was pretty darn good. The mint really through it off for me though so if I ordered this again I’d ask without mint. It was kind of unexpected and overpowering.


I ordered the Queens, which was fried soy protein with garlic and onions. I was surprised when it didn’t come with anything else, like rice. The tofu was really tasty but super greasy. The husband loved this one but I needed something to cut the grease.  The husband got the Avocado BLT because he has a love affair with avocado. They did not skimp on the avocado! He said the house soup was very tasty but the Heavenly salad was much better than his side salad. He ended up putting some of my fried protein on his sandwich at the end because the tempeh flavour got lost with all the bread and avocado.


Overall it was tasty. It was warm, the service could have been a bit better and the husband declared if we were driving for vegetarian food soon it would be to go to Soley Vegan. Heh. And now, for a walk. I didn’t stuff myself silly but I’m not used to such greasy food anymore and I need to digest.

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