I haven’t made waffles in quite a while! I was feeling it this morning but I was busy munching on cherries for breakfast. I decided waffles are perfect for lunch on Sundays.

So I pulled out the recipe for Cookie Butter Waffles I had bookmarked from The Vegan Crew and got to it. I love my Speculoos and they now sell it at Trader Joe’s. I heard it wasn’t vegan because of the sugar or something, so yeah. Use the regular stuff if you love the fuzzy bunnies. The cookie butter goes into the batter and the directions again say “to taste”. You know a jar is probably “to taste” for me but I instead just doubled the speculoos.

I was kind of bummed that even with double the amount it kind of got lost. These were pretty good waffles but they didn’t punch me in the face. Tasty, but I think I’ll save the cookie butter for a topping next time. I think I still like it straight from the jar or in a cookie better.