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Solely Vegan: Aka, I Made The Husband Eat Vegan Soul Food (and he liked it)


Souley Vegan. You’ve been on my damn list of “to try” for eons I think. Well, at least since I’ve moved back over a year ago. I know jack about soul food, so let’s take that into consideration. The South (deserves a capital S for some respect) scares the shit out of me. Oakland does not. It’s a different world. Different cuisine and I’ve been a veg since I’ve moved to this southern country it just was always passed up. Since I don’t like ham and other things in my veggies. Anyway, I couldn’t avoid it much longer.



Since we were on the other side of the bay I talked the guy into going for vegan soul food. As in “wanna try Souley Vegan”, “okay”. Yeah, there were rubber arms twisted. It’s in his old work hood in Jack London Square so it wasn’t hard to find.


The problem with going to a vegan or vegetarian joint is I get overwhelmed. I know, omnis feel this at every meal. Whatever, it’s new for me. So I went with a 3 choice platter of bbq tofu, fried tofu and mac & cheeze. No veggies? Don’t judge, I couldn’t decide on which kind of tofu to get! The photo is in my order or preference. I LOVED the bbq tofu, the fried tofu was pretty awesome (especially with some of the bbq sauce) and the mac & cheeze was vegan. I just should stop trying, I don’t like vegan mac & cheese. Really I only like KD but you know, I try.



Ben go the toasty burger which is both the tofus on a bun and he added avocado (the other half of the bun is on the other side, I swear). It was really damn huge and awesome (and messy). He also got a side of potato salad that was okay, but a little weird with the black olives. It was mustard based and tasty but it didn’t get finished. I don’t really like potato salad so I can’t really say much.


News flash: I didn’t finish my plate of goodness. You know it’s good when your husband talks about if you were still locals (in Alameda) this place would go into high rotation. Then he finished off the last half of my fried tofu. Yeah, it was that good. I’m generally eating off his plate.


Next time I’ll save room for dessert and maybe get a veggie. I’m happy to find a place I can eat and it was a fun introduction into soul food (even if it wasn’t authentic, if that even matters). While I might be afraid of the south, I have no issues with wandering around Oakland for vegan soul food, I can’t wait to go back!

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  1. dlkfox says

    I think you found a little bit of heaven!

    • Shannon says

      I’m looking forward to the greens, the black eyed peas, the lentils….so many freaking choices!!

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