Raw Cacao Pudding

Raw Cacao Pudding is interesting. First of all, it uses Irish Moss, which I had been dying to try. However I forgot about it in the back of my cabinet. In other words, this isn’t a speedy recipe. It takes 2 days. I might as well had made an epic loaf of bread.

When I mixed up all the ingredients (using cocoa instead of cacao) I had a tiny taste. It was horrible. I added 3 more dates. It was bad and seaweed tasting. I added a quarter cup of sugar. Meh. I put it in the fridge. When it was cool and set the seaweed taste disappeared and I barely got a hint in the aftertaste. It could be mental, or it could be like the avocado pudding where yes, I could still taste the damn avocado. There is no way I would have been able to eat this with the little natural sweetener that was called for mind you. It was okay but took a long time. Since I’m not raw I don’t think I’ll make it again. Pure nut pudding seems to be more tasty anyway.

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