Peas And Thank You Chocolate Chip Zee Bars

I’m the first to admit I love Z-bars. I don’t have kids but the husband and I like them for treats. They are smaller than regular bars and taste like candy. A pretty good calorie bang for your buck.

When I saw this recipe over at Peas & Thank You I thought I’d give it a whirl. I halved the recipe and used a smaller pan. First of all, that was a mistake. These bars were thick. In fact, You are looking at them halved. Seriously. And the added protein powder while adding extra protein really messed with the chemistry. They took forever to cook through and the texture was interesting. I did use my soy powder as the hemp mix probably would have been extra gummy. Also, how do you add stevia to taste? Do you have to eat the batter as you go? I don’t do that. I added a few tablespoons of sugar (remember I made a half batch) and used stevia flavoured powder. It worked out well but it was a guess, and I’m not really down with guessing when it comes to a full recipe that needs to be cooked. I also don’t eat uncooked batter, yes even uncooked cookie batter. It just squicks me out.

They turned out okay but I think the recipe needs work honestly. Protein powder is hard to just randomly incorporate into baked goods and I think the texture needed help to make it more like a z-bar if that was the goal. And guessing on the sugar is rough. Other than that I did eat them and they were tasty.

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  1. huh – may have to try thins but sub the oat flour for quinoa flour (I have a ton of quinoa flake that needs to get used and this looks like a great experiment to try it with

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