Okay, I’m lazy. I always have been, it isn’t a new revelation. I have to force myself to be active. I’d rather sleep.

So when I started missing kettlebell classes and noticed that hiking has fallen off I knew I had to do something. I started feeling crummy and thought it was what I was eating so I changed that up a bit more. Nah, it was more of my lethargic attitude getting in my way.

imageOn the 5th I decided I needed to do something active every day. 30 minutes minimum. Stupid right? And by “active” I generally mean not playing Kingdoms of Amalur on the xbox for 6 hours after work. I can take 30 minutes out of my day right? 30 minutes for a walk? Jeeze, I can do that.

So I started it right after the holiday. I keep shoes in my car and we have trails right outside the office building door that go around the bay. Hell, I even bought a hat since it’s been sunny around here (wtf?). The goal is to go for a walk every day I don’t have a kettlebell workout. Or maybe plan a hike soon. The first few days really hurt my hip. So bad that I thought that something was seriously wrong. But it’s been better and I’m feeling better. Sunday I even went out after 10pm in order to get my walk in.

Don’t know what I’m going to do yet about the rain when it comes. Right now I don’t want to formally say I have to go to the gym or something else restrictive. Right now I want to focus on the fact that I’m actually going on walks consistently (okay 4 in a row right now, went to kettlebells last night) and it helps make me feel better.