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Herbivore, Valencia



Got into the city again this weekend and since we were on Valenica I decided to bat my eyelashes and make the husband eat at yet another veggie restaurant, Herbivore. Herbivore doesn’t get stellar reviews like Millenium but hey, it’s always worth a try.


We were actually driving to another one of the locations since I totally forgot about this one and we drove past and quickly found a parking spot. It was a sign! The funny thing is the “sign” that we really saw was the tasty looking Dosa restaurant beside Herbivore. It would have probably been a better choice. Live and learn.


The food wasn’t bad. It just was okay. We got the hummus plate with beef. It came out at the same time as everything else we ordered so our table was pretty packed.


It came with a cracker like pita bread. It was tasty but I do prefer soft pita. And I had a house salad with my meal since I needed some greens.


The husband got the cheesesteak and said it was okay. I’ve never had a real life cheesesteak so it hasn’t really enticed me to try a fake version. It obviously was nothing like the real thing but edible. The potato salad was pretty bad according to the guy who judges a place by their potato salad.


I got the lentil loaf because the husband hates lentil loaf. It was a bit squishy and I chose (on recommendation) the beet sauce instead of tomato. It was a poor choice on my part. The mashed potatoes and gravy were good but there was a hint of lemon that kept on throwing me off. The greens were fabulous though. Didn’t bother with dessert, we had enough food on our plates to deal with.

So we tried it, and the husband declared we’re going to Soley Vegan really soon since this is the second  veggie restaurant in a row we didn’t fall in love with. It wasn’t bad, but it didn’t leave me wanting more. We both rated The Vegetarian House way higher than Herbivore though and would go back there. We probably won’t end up back here and if we’re in the hood we’ll try the dosa place next.

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