Food Truck Friday: The Chairman


Okay, I went to this truck on Wednesday after my ass kicking so forgive the photos. I could barely hold my phone so taking a photo of The Chairman truck was really rough. We went on the 4th but I guess we were early because the place was a madhouse. So many lines. I couldn’t get a hold of the husband to ask what he wanted so I had to make an executive decision.


Chinese buns? Sure. They don’t generally pique my interest but this truck had tofu so I gave it a go. I ordered the husband 2 different sandwiches. He got the pork belly (which he honestly turned his nose up on, I think it was too fatty for him) but inhaled the braised pork. My tofu was pretty darn good and surprisingly filling. However this was after a marathon day of eating. I could have got it without the garlic mayo but it had garlic in it so I played vegetarian that day due to my love of garlic.


I got all the buns baked instead of steamed. I just like the texture better and they were really good. The steamed is a lot less cash so if you like it more traditional feel free to go that route!

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