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Food Truck Friday: Mayo & Mustard


I really like sandwiches and I had passed up Mayo & Mustard in San Mateo since I saw this truck on the schedule to hit the work parking lot. Sandwich trucks are usually easy for veggie eating.



And it was true, they even had a veggie special. When I think of “Veggie Delight” I always think of the lame subway sandwich. Yeah, no not the case here. So far this has been the messiest sandwich I’ve ever eaten. Seriously. More messy than Ike’s, and they have some really damn messy sandwiches.


I was surprised when they handed me my sandwich and it was warm. I got it with everything but cheese and avocado. Should have skipped the mayo but I didn’t know really what would be in there. This seriously had everything. No joke. It had a bean salad on it. I didn’t even see that as a side. This was drippy and a mess to eat at my desk but tasty. However, next time I won’t order a full, it sat like a rock in my stomach and I couldn’t even eat dinner. I’ll definitely hit them up again on one of my bottomless pit days.


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