Food Truck Friday: An The Go


An The Go. Garlic Noodles. I’m sold. This truck has a basis in a local restaurant so they really have tried and true recipes that travel well. They have it down to a perfect system and they are fresh and fast.


I actually found them when we went to the San Mateo Night Market, not in the work parking lot. I had a few choices but after remembering my last run in with garlic noodles I knew I wanted more. People on Yelp complained about the meat portions. The fact is that this place is about noodles, and meat or veggies in my case are a condiment. I suggest going to the damn bbq place if you want a plate full of meat (like my husband did).


So how was it? Tasty. Even the bite I let the husband have left him asking for more. I got the veggie stir fry over the noodles and I was super excited that there was tofu hidden in it! And it was nice and fried. The noodles were a bit drier than the last ones I had which could have been classified as too oily. I’ll be hunting down this food truck on a regular basis! The noodles were cooked to order which is awesome and the 4 minute wait was well worth it.

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