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What I Ate Wednesday 6/27/2012

I feel like I should have documented yesterday. Today was a bit of a cluster, but it’s keeping it real I guess? Today I hurt (my arms) so I took a lot of whatever legally was on hand. It fucked up my stomach.


Before all the drugs kicked in I had oatmeal with strawberries and banana. I’ve been eating 1.5 servings at a time which works better for me.


Drugs kicked in, stomach rot. I really wanted a sandwich from Mike & Kens since I haven’t been since I have been back working in the neighbourhood. They moved the deli counter but Mike & Ken are still there and called me honey and made my sandwich. I forgot to say no cheese so they loaded it up with 3 kinds. Today: don’t care. I wasn’t hungry but ate it all in hopes it would kill my stomach issues. Felt like crap after eating as well so that wasn’t a smart choice. Go me.


I came home and took more drugs with toast. Had to use some strawberry jam for a photo (for tomorrow) so one slice had jam. I didn’t end up finishing that slice and went for the plain piece.


And now I’m keeping a bowl of cherries in front of me in hopes that I eat a bit more since I don’t think 1.5 pieces of toast is a good dinner. No workout tonight so it’s not like I need a huge amount of calories but I haven’t been sleeping well either so I need to pay more attention. Not really proud of how little veggies I ate today but at least I was honest.

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