What I Ate Wednesday 6/20/2012

imageMan, what a crazy day. I’ve been making oatmeal all week and was a tiny bit later than usual for work. I need to work in cooking time. This one was a bit watery. Blah. Today’s was blue thanks to a few handfuls of blueberries. And half of a banana.


I was counting down the minutes until lunch. I had the Trader Joe’s salad I waxed poetic about earlier. I really do love kale and edamame. I was super busy again today putting out fires so I ate quickly and got back to work.


I can’t just eat a salad for lunch and be okay until dinner. I figured I had a good workout Monday by eating a builder’s bar at 4pm so I tried it again. It worked by pairing it with a light lunch and working out at 6:15 had a good workout.


Dinner was a bit late as we hooked up with a friend at Jack’s Prime after I hosed off at home. Damn that gym needs some A/C, I was dripping everywhere. They have an awesome black bean burger at Jack’s Prime and I wanted a salad so it was a perfect choice with extra beans and the patty for protein. Pictured is a half eaten salad since I was so hungry I forgot to snap the photo before I dug in. The black bean patty is on a southwest salad (there were a lot more toppings, honest). And since I ate late for me (9pm) that’s probably it!

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