What I Ate Wednesday 6/13/2012

Happy Wednesday! In case you didn’t read anything I posted yesterday, I’m craving fruit. I woke up and wanted fruit. Easy since I got to work early enough to raid the fruit salad that came along with the bagels. Bagels were not on my mind though. Just fruit.


I didn’t know what to eat for lunch, so I defaulted to a salad from downstairs. The top corner is full of tofu. It’s raw though, so I broke it up after dousing it in balsamic to give it a bit of a taste. When it was crumbled it was easier to handle. That plus the chickpeas and peanuts were my main protein source. A ton of greens on the bottom of course.


And… it didn’t fill me up. To be honest, I only had about 3 cups of fruit for breakfast. So I had 2 of these small apples. Yeah, we get fruit in the office too. They are pretty nice to us. Just basic fruits, but it’s better than breaking into the candy room.


And I got hungry again at 4pm. I knew I was working out and I was going to have a protein shake when I got home but I couldn’t wait. Since I was really hungry I broke out a Clif Builders Bar. 20g of protein, yes please! And guess what? I had an excellent workout (even though I’ve missed 3 classes) and felt great in class. Go me!


I came home on a nice exercise high and honestly didn’t want a traditional dinner. Asked the husband and he told me to go with what I was craving. That was cherries. So I had cherries for dinner. Not the full bag, but way more than half. No wonder they give me stomach problems. I keep seeing bloggers eating 5 cherries on their plates. I judge cherry servings in pounds. And I had probably over a pound for dinner. Since I think I bought about 2.5 pounds and I don’t feel like weighing them to figure it out but the bag looks pretty demolished. Doesn’t matter, totally what I wanted for dinner tonight.  Yum!


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