I know, I’m writing a post about salad. But really, I love this salad. I rarely ever buy this sort of premade thing, but I fell for it hungry at Trader Joe’s one evening. Then, it was all downhill from there.

I had a love affair with the kale salad at Whole Foods for awhile but it always left me bloated and gassy. TMI, or whatever. I thought it was the kale. However, after eating this salad I learned it was probably the dressing. Go figure. Anyway, this salad has enough fun things going on that I generally only use half of the dressing it comes with. Plus, I love edamame.

When I’m lazy I buy this for work, but really I should just try to recreate it. Damn I’ve been lazy. What sort of food blog is this where I don’t have the time to recreate a salad? Hah!