McDougall Mardi Gras Beans

I’ve been eating more dairy, cheese and fried foods lately. It kind of is like a downward spiral. While I don’t want to eliminate anything from my diet permanently, these foods just don’t make me feel well, and they have been more than a treat. I’m getting to the warning point where my body just doesn’t feel well.

So I decided to get back to some basics. Years ago I lost 40lbs in about 4 months on the McDougall Diet (and going to the gym every night). I did the Maximum Weight Loss plan which is low-fat, vegan and really damn strict. This was the hardest diet I had ever tried at the time but I was determined and the weight just melted off. But yeah, it isn’t sustainable if you are social like me, or have a love affair with eating out and oils. But it did get me eating a lot of veggies which is a very good thing.

Anyway, during that period I did a lot of cooking. I found a lot of awesome recipes that feature veggies and beans. Cowgirl Casserole comes from that time period. This week I’m getting back to basics: veggies, beans, less fried food (as in, trying not to eat any, I had a few fries last night).

This recipe for Mardi Gras Beans is so very easy. In fact, most of the recipes are very easy since they are based more on whole foods. I made a half batch which was more than enough for me to have leftovers with a little bit going to the husband. I didn’t use chard since I had kale and I could have cooked the kale a bit longer. Still, it has a great flavour profile. Basmati rice was the choice as I’m pretty much out of brown and I wanted a longer grain. So very tasty and I’m happy to brush the dust off of some of my tried and true in the next few weeks to get them back into a rotation.

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