Listening To Your Body, Even When You Are Tired and Hungry

I’ve been running around all day. Had a quick breakfast at work before an early meeting. Lunch was on the run as well. Eating in hectic situations makes it hard to do intuitive eating. What do I want? Time to think about what I want to eat. That just didn’t happen today and I didn’t have time to ask my body what it wanted. It just got fuel. That’s how it goes some days.

I went to the grocery store hungry. I know, I know. However, this isn’t a bad thing really for me, if I’m not a combination of tired and hungry. I seem to pick up more crap when I’m tired.

I also didn’t have a list. Which lately is how I roll since I don’t know how many meals I will be cooking in a week. Which isn’t a very good thing as I tend to spend more money without a list. We’ve been eating out quite a bit, but sticking to basic meals at home so it isn’t all the expensive.

So, what did I pick up? Well, a metric ton of fruit. I really really wanted fruit. I should have just went to Costco for how much fruit I bought. I picked up some plain greek yogurt. I went to the regular grocery store so there was no soy or coconut milk options. Plus, I’ll survive and I only eat a few ounces at a time. I picked up some grains and pasta and fresh veggies too. Plus more baking supplies  (actually those were on a list). Oh, a bag of chips to go with some sandwich fixings and some fresh dutch crunch rolls (because it’s too hot to bake bread in our place).

I guess my point is that if you find it hard to stick to eating well, or grocery shopping when tired and hungry it does get better and a lot easier. Years ago I would of had a cart full of doritos and a baguette with a block of cheese. That probably would have been following intuitive eating too in the early stages. I really wanted that crap, or so I thought. Now, I know what I will want to eat during the week and shop sales and the farmers market. I don’t like to shop without a plan but it can work since I’m so used to the healthy choices we make now at home. My body tends to crave the same things a lot. Fruit, rice, beans & veggies, french fries… it’s a weakness. Damn fried foods. Anyway, I don’t eat healthy anymore really to eat healthy, I eat healthy foods because that’s what I crave. I’m not little miss skinny since I do enough damage in the calorie portion of my meals, but I’m satisfied and feel good.

Now to eat my weight in organic grapes while my rice cooks. I don’t really have anything I want to bake so I’m not going to force it for a post, fruit just sounds so very good. Leftover Indian food tonight for dinner though, and it’s always better with fresh rice! I even have some garlic naan from Trader Joe’s in the freezer if the husband wants bread. Yum.

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