We were going to a bbq today so what a great excuse to make a cake. Sure, cake isn’t the first thing you think of for a party but there were guaranteed people around to eat a whole cake so that’s excuse enough in my book.

I made this light lemon bundt cake from The Joy Of Vegan Baking and it turned out terrific. Lemons from my tree just are so easy. The only sweetener used in the cake itself is maple syrup and since I was visiting a Canadian friend I used up the last of my Canadian syrup. It was worth it. The cake turned out excellent! Nice and light (as described in the title) and nobody could tell that it was vegan or any sort of healthy. I was supposed to make another lemon topping but I just opted for lemon juice and powdered sugar, completely making the lack of processed sugar in the cake void. Oh well. I’m just glad that others liked it as much as I did. It disappeared really quickly!

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