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Welcome to my new favourite food truck (that I found last week during my fried food binge): Sunrise Deli. This is no joke. I have a love affair with falafel, yet it is so hard to get right. Or at least right in the way I deem it. Hot, crispy, crunchy and wonderfully spiced. I really miss Alhana deli and haven’t found a replacement falafel… until I came across Sunrise Deli.


I felt like I had to do the falafel. I was already eating fried food and/or cheese every day. I was craving it. It is what they are known for after all! I didn’t feel like a sandwich though, and my go-to usually is a falafel plate.



And it was awesome. The falafel was hot and crispy, the salad was wonderful and I was just so happy. The hummus was a bit thin for me, but it was great with the falafel. I just like more rustic chunky hummus, so picky, so sorry. The falafel more than made up for it. The one blessing is that they don’t have french fries or else I would freaking drive to SF every day to eat here. And be a LOT heavier. And be so very happy. Instead, I’ll just indulge when the truck comes around which is safer. In fact, they were here Wednesday when I had brought my salad and had a big mental struggle. I know they will be back, so it’s not like I’ll never have falafel again, but I need to think about what’s going into my body for a bit before I start the indulgences again. It will make them more worth it, though I think these falafel will always be worth it.

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  1. I had a falafel plate with Fatoush salad a few weeks ago and it had the best hummus I have ever had. Yummy yum yum. Glad to hear you had a yummy lunch too. I can’t wait to hear where you eat next! Those pics make me hungry. haha

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