Food Truck Friday: Speedy Panini


This sure was a treat when it pulled into the parking lot. Speedy Panini sounded really great that day. I was in the mood for a sandwich, but they do have a salad and sometimes pasta.



They have 2 vegetarian options, both with cheese. I opted for the vegetariano that has a ton of grilled veggies and a sun dried tomato pesto. Did it without the cheese and they were very happy to oblige. The wait wasn’t long and they were very friendly.


And look at what I got! My only wish is that there would have been double the veggies, because I’m a glutton. It was so good. The bread (from Acme) was amazing. That is the only way I was satisfied with just a layer or two of veggies honestly. This is like the bread I grew up with and I wish I could buy it for myself. Until then, I’ll just have to eat at Speedy Panini a lot!

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