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Okay, Vietnamese food trucks seem to be popular around here. I did a review of Little Green Cyclo a few weeks back, and honestly it was pretty tasty.  I still haven’t seen them around again to try the noodles, so I’m waiting on that still. I’m all about trying a place that has tofu at least once. Nom Nom food truck was pretty damn good as well.  It gets points for the ultra cute mascot, and then evens out because it is freaking called “nom nom” which is a hate filled trigger for me. It all turns out neutral, thank goodness for the cute mascot.. and tofu. And me not stabbing anyone in line with a fork for saying “nom nom”.


I have to admit, I was intrigued by the tacos but couldn’t decide. For people like me they have a combo. Ps: thanks. I did get the aioli on the tacos and it was awesome. I got the sandwich vegan and it was a bit better than LGC. The combo came with a drink so I got the minty lemonade which helped because I put way too much hot sauce on my sandwich.


I really had a good meal here and can’t wait till they come back to the parking lot. The tofu was pretty good and I really liked the tacos. A nice change from a salad!

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