Food Truck Friday: Mana Japanese


We all know how much I love sushi. Seriously, and veggie sushi is super easy. I was super excited to see the Mana Japanese food truck in our parking lot! They only serve rolls which is interesting, and they are all made to order.

Made to order. Yes. I actually had to wait 45 minutes for my veggie roll. You read that right. 45 minutes. No, the line wasn’t insane, it was just super slow. It might have been more honestly but I knew I left my office before noon and got back to my desk at 12:45. I got a sunburn waiting. For sushi. And then, my order was wrong and they included avocado in my roll.


They did offer to make me a new roll, but seriously, I couldn’t wait much longer. When I opened it up, it was pretty much 8 big avocado rolls with a little bit of inari. I wasn’t in love with the sweet vegetable toppings either. So it was a complete bust. I’ll never wait in line at this truck again. I can get faster and better sushi at the building cafeteria across the street.

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