Basic (but tasty) Strawberry Jam

Oh hi. I made jam. Last year I didn’t can at all which was a shame. It’s so damn easy. I felt the least I could do this year (so far) is make some jam. My favourite is my grandmothers plum jam which I’m sure I’ll never be able to recreate. So I went with option 2, strawberry. I can use this on toast, baking and so much more. Not a waste. I got a great deal on some organic berries so I knew it was time.

I used the basic recipe published everywhere because honestly I was tired and didn’t feel like creating something new and maybe crappy. The basic recipe calls for 2 quarts of berries, 7 cup of sugar and pectin. Need help with quarts? I did, since I didn’t buy berries in quarts. 2 quarts are about 3 pounds. I can do that. I used gel pectin and honestly I didn’t like the end result as much as using powdered. It didn’t firm up as much but that kind of makes spreading it easier. I does have a gel consistency, I just happen to like it a bit firmer, especially for baked goods. Then again maybe this will work out a bit better because it can soak a little bit into the cake or make the batter easier to stir. The basic recipe usually makes about 8-9 jars but I got a bit extra so it came in around 10. The excess went into the fridge to use right away since I only had 9 jars on me. Hmm. Now I’m thinking of cake, which cake to make!

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