Sjaak’s Organic Chocolate


Here I am again with the local products. I’ve had this in my drafts for awhile honestly. When I worked beside a Whole Foods I generally was able to stay away from the impulse buys at the fast checkout. One day I picked up this Sjaack’s Organic chocolate bar since I had an intense chocolate craving.  It was a definite impulse buy as it was $2.00 and check out the size. I thought “hey, it’s probably one of those savouring bars!”.

Nah. It was tasty, but I didn’t find it rich enough at all. I ate the whole thing and was left with wanting more. Bummer for the price. It was much better than generic chocolate, don’t get me wrong. I just wish that if it didn’t have that depth of flavour to melt on my tongue there would be more volume. I love that they have a nice big V on the packaging for vegan and really care about their product being organic. It just won’t be an everyday splurge for me.


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