Saturday Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Protein Waffles

I couldn’t really think of anything that could be bad in this recipe for peanut butter chocolate chip protein waffles that I found on Bite Me (I’m Vegan). Even the protein powder didn’t really kill them. It did give them a bit of a different texture but I still really liked them and they cooked up easily. Plus, I like crunchy waffles so I probably overcooked them anyway. You could easily taste the peanut butter and chocolate chips over the chocolate hemp/pea/rice protein powder I used.

I found in the past I didn’t like additions to my waffles since they burnt on the outside but the chocolate chips were okay. Some were a bit burnt but they didn’t detract from the overall flavour. Doused them in maple syrup I had a wonderful sugary breakfast. The reheats might get extra peanut butter or almond butter. Oh, maybe some drizzled warmed up jam! These babies are goners!

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