Orange Creamsicle Cake From My Sweet Vegan

I totally spaced on posting about this Orange Creamsicle Cake from My Sweet Vegan I made last Sunday! I wanted something different and I’m still sitting on a stockpile of marmalade. A cake that uses orange marmalade? Way too easy.

I found this cake way too sweet but I think that’s because my marmalade is very sweet as compared to store bought. The husband really loved it and a few hours later called it peach. Obviously the orange flavour was that memorable, or it got mistaken in his mind for my peach coffee cake.  Or maybe it was a hint for peaches to come into season to make it again. However, the rest of us remembered it was orange.

Either way, the joke of the evening was talking about my “peach” cake and having a good time chilling and watching Game of Thrones.

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