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I rarely drink Earl Grey tea, it is on the husbands side of likes. Not that we can’t like the same thing, but honestly a full bodied tea like EG generally benefits from some milk and I tend to drink teas straight up nowadays.

This Earl Grey from Lupicia is really bright. The bergamot doesn’t get drown out at all by the black tea (darjeeling I hear) base. It was still a bit earthy mind you, I was just surprised at the strong bergamot. This would be an Earl Grey I would buy a lot of since it is very fruity and that’s right up my alley. Not sure how it will sit with the more traditional EG drinkers, but for me it was a good choice.

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  1. I have been drinking Twinings Earl Grey for more years than you can count, and I am older than dirt! (not really, of course, but I have been drinking Twinings Earl Grey for a very long time, since the early 60’s and no other tea ever satisfies like this does, and no, tea bags do not taste like this does. Loose Teas Taste Best…LTTB…trust me. It’s like instant coffee vs brewed. I always keep a couple tins in my pantry, and just love it when visitors* call and I can brew up a fresh pot, and serve home made scones or cookies with it. It’s the least a good neighbor could do, right? ~operabruin*they all tell me how much they enjoy coming over for tea with me, and I am inclined to think it is the tea, not me, that draws them, so that’s the best commendation for Twinings that I know of.

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