Food Truck Friday: Little Green Cyclo


This week I tried out Little Green Cyclo. It is a cute food truck that has Vietnamese street food. The service was great, and the guy taking my order was super friendly and quick. He even gave a time estimate (5-10 minutes, they were busy) so that people knew where they were with orders. I was tempted by the lychee lemonade but I passed.


They had a pretty solid menu. Tofu! I had multiple choices which was unexpected. The garlic noodles sounded really good but I was in the mood for a sandwich. I got the bahn mi with lemongrass tofu. You can get added mayo now as they have been trying to really listen to their feedback and some people have been saying that the sandwich was a little dry. My complaint wasn’t that the sandwich was dry, but it was lacking a bit in flavour. It was wrapped up so I didn’t think to use some Sriracha which would have been excellent. That’s my fault honestly. I can’t wait to try the noodles.


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