Food Truck Friday: Adam’s Grub Truck


This truck is the perfect hangover cure. Unfortunately I didn’t party like a rockstar the night before but I still enjoyed my sandwich. This truck has mega sandwiches and fries. Fried eggs, bacon, pork and other meats all grace the menu. The guy beside me confided “I was going to get a salad, and next thing I know I was handing over my cash for something I’m sure to regret at 2pm”.


They do have a veggie sandwich already called the Wingless and it looked amazing for your average veg. Avocado wasabi stuff,, egg, cheese, mushrooms, slaw, all on a brioche bun. Actually, the husband would have loved this one if he added bacon. Being vegan here isn’t super easy since the bread is brioche, but they do have a bunless option. However, the slaw has dairy. SO yeah. This was a vegetarian meal for me.


I was a pain in the ass and they were totally fine with it. I really do appreciate it. I loved that they had a veggie sandwich but I didn’t want the avocado wasabi stuff, or the cheese, or the egg. So yeah. I ordered the basic Draco which had meat (chicken/pork) and slaw and some amazing hot sauce all on a toasted brioche bun. Subbed out the meat for their mushrooms and I was in heaven. I probably could have used some fries with this meal which they had as a side but I survived. I was too busy trying to keep my sandwich together anyway. The slaw was amazing on the sandwich and the marinated mushrooms were good. If I had gotten cheese I’m sure it would of helped keep the sandwich intact but honestly I was fine with just inhaling the sucker and licking my fingers clean.


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