Cracked Farro Porridge For Breakfast

I bookmarked this recipe for Cracked Farro Porridge from Healthy Happy Life when I got my new bag of farro. I thought it would be fun to mix up some of my breakfasts. I’ve been in a breakfast rut for awhile and just remembered about farro. It takes a bit to cook (15 minutes) so I decided to make it today during the weekend for breakfast.

I didn’t have cracked farro so I gave my whole farro a few whirrs in the coffee grinder. I kept about half of the farro whole since I really don’t like super mushy porridge or oatmeal. I didn’t add the salt and when it was boiling but near the end I added some baking spice and a sprinkle of sugar (probably a teaspoon, I didn’t bother to get anything out to measure). Then I stirred in the strawberries because I like them warm.

When I was eating it I regretted not stirring in some mashed banana or banana pieces like I do for my standard oatmeal even though I was really loving the strawberries. I would have been able to skip the sugar totally if I had thought of that, but I wasn’t sure the berries were enough when I started cooking. I ate a half batch for breakfast and it had a great texture and it was fun to have something a tad different even if I used the same flavour profiles.

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