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Bite Sized Brownies from Oh, LadyCakes

I really wanted chocolate last night. Really. Wanted. I worked out, so I deserved it, right? My workout went better than last week (after realizing I’m not at the same strength level I was 6 weeks ago so I backed off a bit), and I really didn’t want to gorge myself on a ton of food after so I made Bite sized brownies. I don’t use my small square silicone tray enough, so of course I was going to try this one! If you like brownie edges, this is the perfect recipe. Lots of crispy edges and you don’t have to fight with anyone. While I do like fudge brownies primarily sometimes I just want some crispy chocolate edges.

The recipe was very easy, but I did worry about it when the cute little brownies were in the oven. They looked kind of greasy but honestly that is what made them crispy when they cooled.

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