What The Heck Is Up With Exercise?

Weird how I don’t post much about exercise when it’s going well. Hiking has been caboshed for weeks due to rain, and I’m really too lazy to go out in the rain. It isn’t that important to me honestly.

Kettlebell class has been a rocky road since it has been pretty crappy outside and I’ve missed a few classes. But I’ve been going, and it has been going well. I’m getting stronger, getting more used to the exercises and I can actually see the progress I’ve made since even last month. Time to up weights again and be consistent. Like, going to all the classes.

I need a 3rd day of something since hiking keeps on getting pushed out. I’m considering adding running back into my workouts but I really don’t enjoy  it. It’s quick though and gets my heart rate way up. After I push myself for an hour in class I generally don’t want to lift anything for a few days. Everything has been stable with what I’ve been doing though: no diet, moderate exercise and just trying to listen to my body. I also have the option of boxing since I go to a boxing gym but I still find that not too appealing. Maybe instructional boxing as opposed to cardio boxing would be more up my alley. Still not sold on the whole idea.

Anyway, this spring is going well. Which makes for a boring post, but at least it’s an honest post!

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