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What I Ate Wednesday, 4/25/2012


Today was a “I’m not hungry” sort of day. I go through these, but more often I’m ravenous, especially when I’m bored. Nothing sounded good for breakfast. Nothing. Not savory, not sweet. Yesterday I had a tofurky sandwich but I didn’t want that today. I ended up around 9:30 eating a Clif Builder’s bar. I generally eat when I get up, but lately I haven’t been feeling it.


Wasn’t feeling food at lunch either. We went to BJ’s and their garden salad is tiny. Seriously. The dish isn’t rounded, it is small. Got it without feta of course. Good thing I wasn’t too hungry.


Went grocery shopping at Whole Foods and nothing looked good. Maybe I’m getting sick? Picked up some sushi and it took me a good hour to eat it with the edamame.


It’s weird. I haven’t eaten this bread yet but I’m sure I’ll pick at it over the course of the night. Tomorrow I’m expecting to be ravenous. This is part of intuitive eating. I’m not forcing myself to eat, and it ends up regulating. True, I might be getting sick, but I ate a lot in the past few days so maybe my system is just telling me to chill out a bit. Tomorrow if it’s the same I’ll have some more calorie dense foods but I have a feeling I’m going to wake up and want to chew my arm off. Right now, I’m fine though not denying myself food and also not shoving it down my throat because I have to hit a calorie count.

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  1. Ron Coleman says

    I love Edamame so much

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