What I Ate Wednesday, 4/18/2012

What I actually ate today! I’ve been stressed but still trying to get in veggies. I’m not always successful but today I was. I’ve kind of been lax on the workouts, today I got home too late. Go figure. The least I can do is eat some veggies!


Started the day with some strawberry banana oatmeal. I mix in some baking spice. Brought it to work so had to pack it in a bento. No problem, I have a lot of tupperware.


I wasn’t that hungry until 11am, and then I thought I was going to chew off my arm. Big salad from Whole Foods. I tried to bring up some of the spinach that was on the bottom so you could see it. I added the teriyaki tofu, and didn’t like it. Oh well. Still ate it. And maybe the bunny below. My boss endured my complaining about not getting a Harbor Sweets bunny from my husband for Easter. I bitched, a lot. And then on Monday he shows up for work with a present for me. I’m pretty damn lucky, I do know that. And I haven’t bitched all week! Maybe he’s on to something. Hmm.


I needed some salt at around 4pm. Busted open some Mojave mix from Whole Foods. It’s super salty. I did buy some mixed fruit and put it in the fridge at work but I needed salt.


Got home too late to work out, so I decided to eat healthy. I had this on Sunday evening as well. Trader Joe’s mixed rice, steamed broccoli and baked tofu. This picture is from Sunday, my portion today is bigger but it isn’t as yummy looking as when it was first made. The baked tofu was looking a little shriveled. I’m pretty much covered in the sweets department today with the bunny half so I think if anything I’ll finish off the night with some tea.


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