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What I Ate Wednesday 4/11

April 11, 2012

Today was weird. I actually took photos but was feeling pretty emo and mopey since today is my Mom’s birthday and I miss her tons. It’s not like she died yesterday but there is still a giant hole in my heart. I didn’t feel like doing much besides sitting at work and vegging out. It was pretty rainy today so that was on the agenda for everyone it seemed.


Still have some damn rice krispies. Mixed them with blueberries and almond milk. I wasn’t super hungry but I didn’t want a smoothie.


Does cereal fill anyone up? By the time I got hungry greens were in order. Huge salad with portabello mushrooms hit the spot. Go go chain bbq place.


We had dinner plans, then they changed but I didn’t want to cook. I ended up snacking on a mini cookie and some non vegan fruity candies. They’ve got goo in the middle! Bleeding bunnies, I can’t help it, too cute! Took the husband out to sushi in Half Moon Bay. I love living 15 minutes away from the ocean. I was still emo and a cranky bia but the veggie udon helped. Now I’m stuffed silly and probably should just go to bed early. Tomorrow is a new day. I miss you mom. You’d love it out here.


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