True Protein Vegan Protein Powder Mixes

I got a sampler pack from True Protein last year but it was whey based. Yeah, it hurt my stomach a bit and wasn’t vegan but I got to test 30 flavours for a low price. I kept on forgetting to order some of the flavours with a vegan base and when I went back to the site and saw they had a few options.

The first was the Vegan Protein Optimizer Formula. I ordered it in Premium Dutch Chocolate Fudge. I really liked this flavour in my sample pack so I thought it was an obvious choice. The powder is meh.  It’s a pea/rice/hemp mix and has 23g protein. It just wasn’t smooth, even in my blendtec. I generally add a bunch of stuff to my protein shakes so it isn’t that huge of a problem (this time I drank it straight up), but I’m not in love. This would kind of suck in a blender bottle, but I always use my blender so that’s not really an issue.

The second was the Soy Protein Isolate. This one I loved and had the same 23g protein. It was creamy and delicious with the Premium Vanilla flavour. I don’t avoid soy since I don’t have a thyroid to worry about anymore or hormone issues, so this is probably the choice I’ll make for awhile. If you are avoiding soy the other protein powders aren’t bad, they just aren’t as velvety as the soy blend. The premium flavours are the best. You can also get unsweetened and mix and match a ton of things.

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