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Today I busted out of my hermit shell and met up with some great people at Marlene’s house who I met at Foodbuzz. She was one of the keepers from that weekend, very nice to chat with and genuine. We kept up with each other via the twitterverse and blogland and I sort of invited myself to her event. See, I wasn’t hip on the whole fitbloggin part of the internet, I’m a baker. But I do hike and work out and convinced myself to try something new and meet new people. And it was an excuse to bake. Blog fodder? Yes please!

It was a wonderful brunch. Hosted by Silk, we got to test out the new Silk Fruit and Protein. Kind of a misnomer, as there are only 5g of protein in these, but enough sugar to take out a diabetic. We’re talking 24g of sugar. You could argue that is the same as orange juice I guess, but I don’t really drink juice either. They are tasty, but super sweet. I might by it but only as a treat, I wouldn’t consider it a health food. Hey, I got the tumber, I’m pretty stoked about that. I still dig their other products, this one is just a bit too sugary for me.

I have to say brunch with champagne and pom juice is pretty awesome. I might have had 2 of these. Aren’t the glasses fab? Also, why did I forget to take photos of all the wonderful potluck food? Too busy hoovering. There was a meatza from Deb, a quiche from Sarah and yummy potatoes from Marisol.

Marlene really treated us well and she had a ton of food for us. The yogurt bar was awesome. She even made us ice pops with the Silk! I wasn’t sure about the mango peach but frozen it is pretty awesome. Plus, push pops! I’d buy it for this on a hot day. I’m so easily amused. We’re having a heatwave in the bay area so I was all over these. I live on the other side of the bay where I’m not used to 90 degree heat. Except that it’s 90 over here today too. Maybe I should have pocketed some more ice pops. Hmm.

Oh yes, I got to try her mini mini pancakes as well! SO adorable. I’m quite jealous of people who can make pancakes so easily. After stuffing ourselves with all the food which I didn’t take photos of (I brought brownie bites and a rhubarb cake – I’ll post the recipe tomorrow), Deb gave us an awesome primer on resistance band training. Yeah, those photos were bad too, I’m not good at action shots. I had fun trying them out. She brought a few types, but the ones worth talking about are the Bodylastics and those are the ones I played with. They are so affordable, really well built and the door jam anchor is the best I’ve seen. If I get the itch to work out at home, I’ll buy these for sure. Kettlebells don’t work pecs much, and this would be optimal. Or pushups. Nah.

Sorry for making this post a link fest, but today was pretty damn fun. I got to meet new awesome people. Eat, and get a mini workout! Yay for stepping out of my comfort zone instead playing video games all afternoon 🙂


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  1. Hey there Shannon. Nice recap. Oh and did you have it end it with that silly photo of me. LOL. I was thinking how I forgot to take a photo of the yogurt bar and see you got a great shot of all the toppings. It was great to see you again. 🙂 You are now officially a fitbloggin girl.

    1. I think it’s a great pic, you are stong! I can nix it if you want. I generally ask but you looked good I thought I could get away with it 🙂

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