I haven’t been to the farmers market (any of them) since I started getting my CSA. My CSA gave me enough to overfeed myself with stuff I really didn’t want. So today I went without a plan to see what I could get. I spent $26 which is a dollar more than my old CSA. And honestly, that’s because I spent $10 on rhubarb.

Can we talk about $10 rhubarb? Ugh. I love it, but it’s a weed. People who grow this weed: sell it at the farmers market, you will make a mint off of lame people like me! Don’t know what I’m going to make, but if I just make compote I’ll be a happy camper.

I also got some apples even though strawberries and citrus were in abundance. The dried beans looked cool so I picked up some kale to make some sort of Italian slow cooker or pressure cooker recipe. Spinach of course (I missed you), and a weird fociccia for the husband that looks like a mini pizza. They had so many flavours that I had no idea what to choose. It was also kind of pricey at $5.50, but that will probably be a meal for him so it’s not that bad.

Gotta get back into the swing of things, maybe plan a meal or two. Our meals have been haphazard since we eat out quite a bit, but I’m pretty sure I can feed us healthy and cheap meals if I start planning again.