“Anything Goes” Fruit Filled Muffins From How It All Vegan

I’m still not used to it pouring rain with the sun shining. All. The. Time. Sure a quick sun shower, but it’s been a monsoon here and yet the sun comes out almost every day. Some days it hides behind clouds, but not often. I got caught in the rain crossing the parking lot to go to Panera (Bread Co) because it was bright and sunny out and then started to downpour. I ended up going to Whole Foods with my umbrella later and of course it didn’t rain. I needed blueberries.

The blueberries I bought were sub par. As in, I didn’t eat the whole quart in one sitting. It’s rare, honestly. They sit on my desk one minute, and the next I’m wondering where they all went.

Muffins are always the answer. I wanted a quick muffin recipe and I couldn’t decide. I was flipping through How It All Vegan and saw the “Anything Goes” fruit filled muffins. Truly, you can add anything you want, it is a basic recipe.  I kept to the recipe and used up the rest of my blueberries. They were awesome warm, and not so awesome cool. However, a zap in the microwave and a pat of margarine made them awesome again.

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