What I Ate Wednesday 3/7


I still think these are fun but I wasn’t feeling it last week (I wasn’t feeling much last week but ennui and stomach issues). Here’s what I ate yesterday. Trying not to tempt fate as my stomach has been killing me randomly for the past week or so. Been having stomach problems with grains and protein so I opted to split them up to see what’s going on. The result? No clue, probably just stress. I generally eat more protein but I wanted to see if it was the culprit.


Green monster with protein powder and almond milk and a frozen banana. Ran out of spinach so I had some collard greens in here. A bit more textured than spinach, but worked.


That’s 2.5 pounds of fruit. Yup. Whole foods weighed it for me and took my money. No snack needed! Didn’t even get to the veggie chips. Some days I just want to gorge on fruit. So I did. While I paid $12 for this lunch (that was probably more than I needed to inhale, but not a bad price for lunch in Silicon Valley) I got a cool salad/fruit container out of it. Washed up great! On a related note: I may need to learn portion control.


Easy Spanish rice (made in the rice cooker with brown rice) with sauteed green chard eaten quite late for me (7pm).  That’s a whole bunch of chard wilted down, not a small serving. It kind of did me in. No stomach pain though!

And ended with these. I mean I had to taste test! At least I had a photo, I didn’t think to take a camera phone pic. I was too busy stuffing my face.

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