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What I Ate Wednesday 3/28

Yesterday was a pretty weird day. I did photograph all my food though! It is starting to be interesting seeing how random I eat. I like these photo days because even when I write it all down (which I don’t do anymore) I don’t feel an attachment to my choices. Photos spell it out in clear English. It was a cold and rainy day so I was all about comfort.


Things started off well with a green smoothie. Looks kind of brown because I got stuck with 2 heads of radicchio in my CSA box. I’m not a fan of it anyway. And in fact it is pretty bad in green smoothies. Way too bitter. But hey, I lived.


We couldn’t decide on where to eat lunch and since I didn’t have a snack I was really hungry. The boss got stuck on pizza, and I worried because I had eaten cheese on Sunday and Monday, and well, I would order a slice instead of a salad. This was clearly a downward spiral. Last minute change and we went to Ike’s Lair. They opened up one a few weeks back down the block and I was all sort of silly excited. I’ve converted my coworkers and now they are addicted to these high priced sandwiches. I got a meatless mike. Vegan meatball sandwich with soy cheese. It was amazing. LOVED it. So greasy though. I should have eaten half, but I inhaled it all and it felt like a brick all afternoon. While I avoided the cheese (yay!) I did not avoid all the grease and heaviness. I guess that’s a C in healthy living ;)


I bought a huge vat of animal crackers, purely for the container. Oops. I got munchy fighting with the charcoal for the bbq so I took out a handful to keep me from getting too hungry. There were high winds and rain and not the day to bbq. I couldn’t get the fire started. Also, I hate the coals we bought. Anyway, after a lot of lighter fluid and I don’t want to know what else the husband put in there to burn, we had fire. I grilled him a few burgers, hotdogs and a jumbo veg hotdog for me.


I also made a huge container of asian coleslaw. I wanted the coleslaw on the hotdog but it just wasn’t working with this bun. Boo. So I ate this and decided to grill some pineapple. But the pineapple went bad when I wasn’t looking. I was already stuck on eating something sweet but since my lunch was kind of fruit and veg free I felt bad about a cookie. So I had an orange and then played more draw something until bed.


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