What I Ate Wednesday 3/21

Well, it’s another busy Wednesday! What’s going on? Well, today was a work “fun day” so things are really messed up eating wise. I again forgot to take a photo of my breakfast. Green monster. Protein powder. The same.

We went to go see John Carter and there was a mix up with the time. We ended up seeing it at 11am. It’s over a 2 hour movie. Yeah, not good for my hungry self. I had a larabar in my car. Good thing.


Reason #524 why I keep food in my car and purse. I didn’t want all the normal movie snacks, but it was so tempting. Free slushies and junk food? I was being good though, and it wasn’t appealing until after the movie when I was super hungry. But I had this bar to tie me over till our next destination.



Okay, our next destination was go karts, and there was no real food at the place we went to, and they started being real dickheads. The place was empty when we got there then they told us we had to wait 45 minutes after everyone found parking. And people were hungry. And needing booze. Because that’s how we roll at work. We headed over by the bay to El Torito where both could be had.

Being not so much on the cheese train is hard at a Mexican restaurant. Especially sitting in the bar. We ordered many appetizers and such but I stuck to just plain chips. And maybe a few strawberry margaritas. Oops. Hey, I avoided the shots and pitchers! But I did pretty much take care of a few baskets of chips.

I came home hungry. Funny, a couple of margaritas, a larabar and chips don’t really work well for me in controlling hunger. And I had 20 minutes to put on my workout clothes and get to kettlebell class. Yeah, that didn’t happen. Not after drinks. Instead I dragged the husband to Jack’s Prime. And ordered too much food.


We split onion rings. I was considering a burger so I could get the onion ring side but hell, I just ordered them as an appetizer and then got a salad.

Getting a salad here (the southwest salad) isn’t a bad thing. It is full of veggies, a spicy dressing and you can get it topped with a black bean burger. Their burger is one of my favourites, it gets a great crust. However, I ate maybe half? I ended up eating too much by finishing the burger. The problem when you are drinking (or have been) is that judgement goes out the window. If I had skipped the onion rings I would have been able to finish my dinner. Oh well. At least I wasn’t tempted by Yumi Yogurt (which it is beside). I had a vegan day even with temptations, and I don’t feel too bad besides the headache I’m nursing from the booze. Could have been a cheese hangover, so I’m pretty happy.


And funny enough 15% of our bill tonight went to Whole Foods! I mean, we ate out for charity! It’s like it was planned! Heh.

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