What I Ate Wednesday 3/14


This is based on today, since I keep on forgetting to document full days of food. I had pie for breakfast. Mostly because of the photos.  Also because I took too long trying to get photos on a rainy day here in California, I was running late for work. No green smoothie or any other type of breakfast. In fact, I had to take this in the evening since I forgot to start snapping photos until I got to work.


Funny, pie wasn’t enough for me. That didn’t last long, so I pulled out a coconut milk greek yogurt. Yes, it was good. Still not a lot, but I was really busy and forgot about most things until lunch.


Lunch was leftover meatballs and brown rice. Someone has to eat them. Also: I should post that soon. Oops. I forget about my savoury posts. Plus, everyone wanted to see pie today anyway. Again I was super busy so I didn’t get to my planned snacks of an apple and an orange. What was I thinking for this for lunch without anything green? So not me.


Came home and ate a grapefruit. Random, yes. I generally get all into it with a grapefruit spoon, but I was cooking dinner. Couldn’t eat until after my kettlebell class, so I needed a little something.


Dinner was pasta salad. I love pasta salad because you can put the most random things in it and it still tastes good. This one was Italian dressing based with noodles (obviously), broccoli slaw, green onions, celery, and black beans. Sat in the fridge while I worked out and was nice and refreshing (with maybe a bit too much oil, damn I’m picky). I might have a protein shake later if I’m hungry, right now this is working. I’ll probably just be extra hungry tomorrow which is fine. I’m really missing some greens! Tomorrow will be much greener!

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