The Joy Of Vegan Baking Irish Soda Bread

I don’t really celebrate St. Patricks Day anymore. Used to be a big family holiday, then I grew up, grew away from my family and found out everyone wanted to be Irish and drank to make up for the fact and ran around trying to be a leprechaun or something (which I don’t get, it’s a christian not pagan holiday, shouldn’t you run around dressed as a saint? I guess it’s the Santa vs Jesus problem again). The whole slave boy (who was English not Irish) who came back after he ran away from his captors to convert them and all that jazz. Yeah. I’m half Irish, but I really related to more pagan culture than christian for a long time. So really celebrating a country (even if my family lived there a few generations ago) who converted to christianity wasn’t really an amazing day when I was a teen and young adult who was into Norse mythology. Not like it’s a country’s celebration of freedom like the 4th or July or anything, it’s a celebration of religion. But in America it’s just another hallmark holiday, minus the gifts. In fact, I don’t know one person who actually goes to church here in the US as part of their St. Patricks Day celebration. You know that’s part of it right? It’s a feast day for a saint. And the one day you get to go balls out during lent.

I’m planning on making soup today so I picked up The Joy Of Vegan Baking and found the Irish Soda Bread recipe. Because you know I’ll bake for any holiday, even if it’s not something I personally celebrate. I opted for plain bread because raisins and nuts in a loaf I’m planning for part of a lunch/dinner seems odd. It’s really like a big biscuit, and of course I had a slice warm. It was so very good. I’m not even hungry and eating my second piece. Way to go Intuitive Eating! Heh.

But I do look fetching in green. Even though I’m not wearing green. Pinch me today and you will probably get punched in the face, fair warning. That’s probably just my Irish demeanor.  😉

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