Raw Brownie Bites

While I really dug the whole “brownie bites” part in these Raw Brownie Bites by Oh LadyCakes, what caught my eye was the fact that she kept them in the freezer. Sure, it had all the regulars playing the game: dates and nuts, but it also has hemp hearts and I did have some of those as well. And I didn’t have to eat them all in one sitting. Because you know I worry about that… okay, I don’t. But I really wanted to try these babies cold. I kept pretty true to the recipe but ended up using cocoa instead of cacao, purely because I like cocoa better and I’m not a raw foodie.

How do they taste? Pretty darn good. And they taste even better out of the freezer. I’ve been eating a lot more sugar lately and I would like to get back to more treats like this one and I noticed my sweet tastebuds are kind of blown out. Kind of hard with Easter around the corner, but it’s all about balance. Next time I could make a double batch and never have to root again for something sweet in the pantry (like handfuls of chocolate chips).

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