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Peas & Thank You Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookies With Sea Salt

I’m working on a coffee cake recipe and it completely flopped. Of course, I didn’t know that until I cut into it this morning. You know, to bring to work. Figures. I made these Sunday night and figured it was a fluke. My baking mojo is way off. I might have to post about other things for awhile while I recouperate!

The husband wanted chocolate chip cookies. Instead of going with a regular recipe I thought this one from Peas & Thank You since I haven’t really been making anything out of this book.

It didn’t work. It kind of sucked honestly. The texture was off, and just kind of rubbery. Now, I know the recipe didn’t suck fully, and I did over mix a bit, but it should have been able to stand up to a little bit of mixing honestly. Hell, my pancakes withstood 10 swishes in the mixer. These didn’t. I forgot to sprinkle the sea salt on top, but that didn’t really matter, none were eaten after the lure of warm gooey chocolate chips was gone.

So yeah. Not a favourite.

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