Found this recipe over at The Global Vegan and I had to wait until strawberries were starting to taste better before I took the plunge. I try not to buy things out of season but everyone kept on saying how awesome strawberries were right now so I bought some and took them off of the “to do” list.

I wasn’t expecting much from these cookies, since they had a lot of ingredients and were you know, raw. Not saying I haven’t been enjoying the raw stuff I’ve been making, but the dough looked kind of like raw meat, and not in a good way. And there are a lot of ingredients. I’m not going raw, raw items seem to be a lot easier on my stomach lately and I’m having fun with my dehydrator so I decided to suck it up and throw the pinkish chunky dough in the contraption to see what would happen.

Since I didn’t really want to bust out the stevia (it was buried in the back of the cabinet, so lazy) I just used plain sugar. Worked fine, but I guess I could have used agave as well. I added strawberries on top of some of them and they were really fun. I’d do this again as the strawberries got nice and chewy. The cookies ended up a bit crisp on the outside yet chewy in the middle. Not as if I had baked them but they were quite tasty. A fun recipe to have around, and I might make them a bit more pretty the next go around, maybe add  a bit more cocoa too.