It sounds really weird, but I’ve never had these before. Classic 1960’s cocktail meatballs, usually served at parties with little toothpicks and a smile. Perfect for the slow cooker.

I don’t really know what caused me to buy grape jelly and chili sauce but I did and added them with some fake frozen meatballs to the slow cooker. I had really no hope of it turning out.

But it did. I shouldn’t be so pessimistic. The part that went awry was when I decided to make them a meal. What do you serve them with? Lots of places online said egg noodles or rice. I think noodles would have been weird with the bbq like sauce so I chose rice. It was an okay meal, but I think it is better as an appetizer. A little sweet to have full on as a main course.

But will I make it again? Hell yes. I just need to have a party!