Happy Purim! It’s Like My Hamantaschen Know I’m a Fake!

Another year, another excuse to make hamantaschen. I didn’t make any last year since I was busy getting employed in another state and all. I did make them the year before, but had problems with the dough.

This year… I had problems with the dough. Again! It was just too soft. I’m thinking maybe more of a sugar cookie dough next time. They kind of exploded. Those little hats above became danishes. Boo! Tasty danishes mind you. I knew it was a flop when I was trying to form them and the dough was soft out of the freezer.

I got all traditional and crap this year and used a poppy seed filling from the Washington Post. I’m not sure if I liked it. It was kind of plain. I made some tarts to use up the leftover filling and I’m still undecided. I’m not sure it’s sweet enough for me. The obviously non poppy seed ones are orange marmalade (that I made awhile ago). They turned out great tasting but exploded even more than the other filling.  I managed to push some of them into an almost triangle shape for the photo, but this was another bomb. Oh well, next year I’ll put in a call to Queen Esther and see if she can’t give me some good karma for supporting her people!

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