Okay, I really half assed this one. But it’s Pi day and I wanted to make pie! Okay, I wanted to put up a pie blog on pi day. See, I don’t really like pie that much.

So last night I whipped up some dough from Vegan Pie In The Sky (my first time cracking it open). Either I didn’t chill it enough (very possible) or I overworked it. The dough was just “meh”. Probably all on me, since I was pretty apathetic during the whole process.

Then I had a bunch of apples to use up. It was that or mangos. I wasn’t stopping at the store. No apple pie recipe in the book though. Huh. Okay, so I threw some apples, sugar and cinnamon together. A bit too much cinnamon. Dotted it with margarine, put a lid on it and popped them in the oven.

It’s not that the pie isn’t edible, it just isn’t amazing. And it is more of a cinnamon pie. Oops. At least I got a chance to use my mini pie pans! I have a lot of left over dough and it is pretty easy to work with. Thinking it might need some chocolate. I’ll let you know.